For the podcast that’s taken the country by storm!

Do you own/run/contribute to a podcast platform that produces exceptional content? Do you get the likes, shares, comments and subscribers? Is everyone begging for more, spamming your DMs with suggestions on who or what to feature next?

Then this category is for you!


Entry criteria:

  • This category is open to all Podcasts, they can be available on any streaming platform.
  • You need to be South African / live in South Africa for most of the year to enter this category.

What to submit:
  • The links to two of your best episodes.
  • The episodes need to have aired between April 2023 and April 2024.

What the Judges are looking for:
  • The podcast that everyone’s talking about, listening to, and fanning over. They’ll review your full podcast, but the links to the episodes will guide them as to which ones they should listen to. 
  • Originality. Your content should be engaging and have your audiences coming back for more, liking and subscribing.