It’s time to celebrate the production houses

This category can be entered by the production team, or the event owners, we don’t mind who submits the entry, as long as each piece is only entered once.

It’s time to celebrate the production houses out there that create exceptional after-movies for festivals and events. The people that do everything just to ‘get that shot’, and pull together a short film that encapsulates the essence of the event and gives you all the feels when you watch it.

We’re specifically looking for a short edit, max three minutes, something that blows us away. Please do not enter brand activation case study videos, this category has been created for the events, not the brands.

Entry Criteria:

You need to be South African based to enter this category.

What to submit:
  • The link to the after movie, it can be housed on any social media platform. Our judges will click on the link to view the content.
  • It needs to have been posted between April 2023 and April 2024.
  • If your film is longer than three minutes, the judges are obligated to watch only the first three minutes.

What the Judges are looking for:
  • An exceptionally well produced after movie. Something a little different, with a unique pace, or POV, sequence, music or anything that makes it stand out from the rest.