Celebrating influencers who have built a loyal following

This award recognises individuals who have demonstrated exceptional influence in their respective niches or industries through their authentic voice, engaging content, and ability to connect with and inspire their audience. 

This category celebrates influencers who have built a loyal following, created meaningful relationships with their community, and effectively leveraged their platform to achieve significant results.

Once the five nominees have been selected by the judges, this category goes out for public voting.

Entry criteria:

This category is for professional content creators. It’s for individuals, not brands or agencies. You have a big fan base and a recognised name in the industry

You need to be South African / live in South Africa for most of the year to enter this category.

What to submit:
  • When you register for this category, you'll need to insert the link to your best social media platform, so that our judges are taken to that page to view your content holistically.

What the Judges are looking for:
  • The influencer's ability to maintain authenticity, credibility, and transparency in their content, interactions, and partnerships, fostering trust and loyalty among their audience.
  • Our judges will vote for the page/platform that is consistent and has superb content and considerable engagement.