This category is for emerging talent

It’s for content creators who only started producing and posting content recently, from January 2022 onwards. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, if you’re new to the game, love doing this, have found your niche and are eager to expand and become a recognised name within content creation, then this category is for you!

Once the five nominees have been selected by the judges, this category goes out for public voting.

Entry criteria:

This category is for up-and-coming content creators who have started posting content recently from January 2022. It’s for individuals, not brands or agencies.

You need to be South African / live in South Africa for most of the year to enter this category.

What to submit:
  • The link to your best social media platform.
  • A link to your best piece of content, the one that’s had the most engagement/shares. It’ll need to be on that same social media platform so that our judges are taken to your page to view the content.  
  • It needs to have been posted between April 2023 and April 2024.
  • Stills and video will both be accepted. If the latter, preference will be given to content that is under two minutes long.
  • If your content is longer than two minutes, the judges are obligated to watch only the first two minutes.

What the Judges are looking for:
  • A new creator that stands out from the rest. Someone who’s killing it, doing amazing work, either via their subject matter, or their editing, styling or shooting.